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Communicare: promoting innovation, empowering independence

Communicare specialises in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Assistive Technology, Speech-Language Pathology and Special Education. They provide comprehensive services in the areas of intervention, evaluation, consultation, training, and tele-practice.

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Emerge: from the inside out

Emerge is an inclusive space welcoming of all. Emerge is an intentional space for realising freedom and forgiveness from the inside out. Emerge is an inspired space offering conscious creative processes imagined by Yanna Romano.

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diiVe: define your future

In an ever-changing world, we exist to build the next generation of digitally-savvy, socially conscious, global leaders. We offer a high-impact, global leadership program during June and July in Cape Town, South Africa featuring digitally-focused courses, innovative problem-solving, hands-on internship experience and cultural immersions. More here.

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Allan Gray Centre for Values Based Leadership, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town

The Allan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership sets out to ask difficult questions about the assumptions supporting our current, mostly mechanistic, business management models. Specifically, it is exploring whether profit and shareholder value should continue to be the exclusive drivers of business, or if values, purpose and meaning might be a more effective driver for the 21st Century.

Companies and societies are in great need of leaders who are able to refocus their organisations on the task of creating wealth while also adding value to society through meaningful, purposeful and inclusive business. This means, among other things, finding ways to contribute to the development of the economy and society in which they are operating, whether rich or poor, mature or emerging. This is when business will show its real power for good.

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We champion the importance and potential of digital technologies for UK education and research; and do three main things: we operate shared digital infrastructure and services; we negotiate sector-wide deals with IT vendors and commercial publishers; we provide trusted advice and practical assistance for universities, colleges and learning providers. More here

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Hubble Studios: empowering organisations to educate people through technology

Hubble Studios is a Digital Learning Agency. We provide custom digital learning services to Business and Academia.We're a mixed bag of educational designers, developers, creatives and everything in-between. What we have in common is a passion for learning, a focus on technology and a knack for marrying those worlds to create optimum solutions for our clients. More here.

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Executive Education, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town

Executive Education at the GSB offers targeted interventions that are relevant and responsive to a fast-changing world of work. All courses are rich in industry insights and underpinned by the latest theory to support a new generation of leaders and managers who are eager to invest in themselves and add value to their organisations. More here.

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iXperience: a revolutionary summer abroad

Progressive courses. High-impact practical experience. Expand your world and accelerate your career. iXperience started in 2013 as a study-abroad coding bootcamp that would bridge the gap between academia and industry. Since then, it's grown into a global operation that has helped more than 1000 students accelerate their career while exploring the world. More here.

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Click Foundation: using technology for literacy

The Click Foundation deploys online English literacy programmes in under-privileged primary schools across South Africa. The programmes offer young learners the opportunity to work at their own pace through fun and enjoyable activities, navigating their learning journey by means of technology. In doing so, the Click Foundation is not only addressing the literacy crisis but also equipping these young learners with the technological skills required for future success. More here.

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2U Inc. no back row

2U powers the world’s best digital higher education. When students win, universities win, and by coming together around one shared goal—delivering great student outcomes—we are transforming the future of higher education for the better. More here.