What we do


We work across three interrelated areas:


Engaging with complexity: the new and emerging world of work requires resilience, a strong sense of values, and the insights and skills to take responsibility for sustaining meaningful change. We design and deliver programmes which anchor new ideas and case studies to contemplative practices: meditation, mindful movement, process art and journaling.

Facilitating insights: solutions to complex challenges come from engagement, listening and suspending prior assumptions.  We engineer learning opportunities, from immersion in difference and direct engagement with the unexpected, to enhanced profiles of people who are doing things differently.


Digital solutions: we conceptualise and design technologically-enhanced, blended and fully online programmes. We contribute to the leading edge of connected learning through the use of analytics to improve the quality of learning in pace with digital innovation.

Our three areas of work are connected through engagement with today’s changing social, economic and technological contexts, and by recognition of the need to enhance reflection, resilience and the quality of interpersonal relations.